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Compensation Claims For Housing Disrepair & Poor Conditions

Leading solicitors for housing disrepair claims

Every tenant has the right to live in a safe and well maintained property.

We regularly advise on disrepair cases in respect of either the property or possessions inside of a property, in some cases it can be both. If you believe the property you are living in has fallen into disrepair then please contact us today and speak to one of our legal advisors for a no obligation, informal chat. Do not delay as any potential claim you wish to make is time sensitive.

We understand in some cases it be can daunting to consider making a claim or raising an issue against your landlord however the law is there to protect you and your family, we can advise if you have a claim to make and will fully explain how the process will work.

In the majority of cases our Panel Solicitors are able to offer the following:
  • Free initial review of your legal claim
  • No Win No Fee
  • No upfront payments
  • Coverage throughout England and Wales
In addition our Panel Solicitors will fund your case disbursements for the lifetime of the claim ranging from:
  • Court fees paid
  • Expert fees paid
  • Counsel fees paid
  • Representation for all Court hearings

Your landlord has a legal obligation to repair the property. This includes disrepair to the property which the landlord has not fixed.

This could consist of:

• Damage to windows & doors (won’t open or locks broken)
• Damage to your interior (wallpaper coverings, carpets/flooring etc) and possessions (sofa, clothes, electrical equipment) that have been affected by damp
• Blocked or poorly flowing drains
• The roof of your property is leaking
• Poorly maintained brickwork to the outside of the property which is causing water to enter into your property
Damage to your belongings, goods or furniture can occur through a variety of avenues.

This could consist of:

• Damp walls
• Water damage via leaks or faulty water pipes
• Mould on walls

In addition to the disrepair and damage to your possessions you may be able to make a claim for personal injury or ill health. Contact us today and we will advise of you what happens next.

Our panel solicitors operate throughout England and Wales.

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