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Industrial Disease Compensation Claims

Asbestos, Occupational & Industrial

If you or a family member have suffered from a work-related illness then you maybe entitled to industrial disease compensation even if you were employed by the company many years ago (in some case we have been able to recover compensation from incidents which occurred over 30 years ago). Do not delay as any potential claim you wish to make is time sensitive. Contact us today and speak to one of our legal advisors for a no obligation, informal chat.

The term ‘industrial disease’ is used to describe a condition or illness which has developed after exposure to a dangerous substance in the workplace or unsafe working conditions. There are many different types of industrial diseases that may develop following exposure, including respiratory & lung diseases, occupational asthma, skin diseases, vibration injuries (vibration white finger), repetitive strain injuries, chemical poisoning (dermatitis), carpal tunnel syndrome, and occupational cancer.

We also deal with hearing exposure claims, such as noise-induced hearing loss, tinnitus and acoustic shock.

In the majority of cases our Panel Solicitors are able to offer the following:
  • Free initial review of your legal claim
  • No Win No Fee
  • No upfront payments
  • Coverage throughout England and Wales
In addition our Panel Solicitors will fund your case disbursements for the lifetime of the claim ranging from:
  • Court fees paid
  • Expert fees paid
  • Counsel fees paid
  • Representation for all Court hearings

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act, your employer has a duty of care to you as an employee, and must ensure you are protected from any health risks in the workplace.

This can be done via training manuals in respect of the risks at your workplace, training workshops in respect of the risks at your workplace, allowing you enough time to take a rest break so you are removed from the same environment or on the same task for not too long. In some cases your employee must provide personal protective equipment.

Unfortunately, too many businesses and employers fail to comply with the Work Act and sadly workers are put at risk on a daily basis due to employer negligence. Our panel solicitors have helped clients make industrial disease claims following a range of illnesses, including:

It may be a catastrophic injury or a life changing injury. We are able to advise on all aspects of industrial disease claims worth £1,000.00 up to multi million pound claims. We have over 30 years experience in dealing with these types of claims. Our panel solicitors have successfully concluded thousands of claims and can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Unfortunately, incidents do happen and in the majority of cases we review the fault party will have employers liability insurance in place even if the incident occurred many years ago.

We will individually review your claim and advise you of the potential damages you can expect to recover. You can claim for personal injury, loss of earnings, future loss of earnings, medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, expenses for care & assistance, miscellaneous expenses and other type of expense you have or will to continue to incur as a result of the exposure. In some cases it may be necessary to obtain damages so you or a family member can adapt the home so it is more suitable for your requirements.

We cover all types of industrial disease cases and there is no typical type of claim. Our panel Solicitors operate throughout England & Wales.

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