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Insurance Disputes & Rejected Insurance Claims

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If you have had an insurance claim wrongly rejected or the offer made was too low within the last 6 years then click on the link below and visit our affiliated partners, My Insurer Won’t Pay

My Insurer Won't Pay

They can offer:

• Free Initial Review
• No Win No Fee
• No Upfront Payments
• Nationwide Coverage

In the majority of cases our Panel Solicitors are able to offer the following:
  • Free initial review of your legal claim
  • No Win No Fee
  • No upfront payments
  • Coverage throughout England and Wales
In addition our Panel Solicitors will fund your case disbursements for the lifetime of the claim ranging from:
  • Court fees paid
  • Expert fees paid
  • Counsel fees paid
  • Representation for all Court hearings

Visit our affiliated partners

Sometimes Insurance Companies make the wrong decision and reject a genuine insurance claim or offer less than your claim is worth. Unfortunately too many consumers and businesses will simply accept the decision as they feel there is nowhere else to turn or it will involve considerable time and expense in challenging the Insurance Company.

Legal experts
My Insurer Won’t Pay was formed in August 2016 by a group of legal experts to provide a ‘game changing’ way of challenging the Insurance Company’s decision. Traditionally, the only way in fighting the decision was to instruct and pay a Solicitor a considerable amount of money upfront with no guarantee of a successful outcome. My Insurer Won’t Pay is leading the way to challenge insurance companies on a nationwide basis and with considerable success.

Millions of pounds recovered
They have considerable experience in dealing with litigation claims against insurance companies and have successfully recovered literally millions pounds of compensation from insurance companies on behalf of their clients. They deal with all types of insurance claim disputes from motor insurance claims, travel insurance claims, flood insurance claims to multi million pound commercial/business insurance claims. Click here for a full list and click here to read about their recent success stories.

Totally confidential
They work with hundreds of people every week to help them gain the compensation they deserve. Many of these cases involve confidential or sensitive issues and they ensure all their clients are treated with compassion and are given a full, fast and honest appraisal of their insurance repudiated claim. They are committed to helping all of their clients fully understand the claims process, and assisting them to get the best possible outcome from their claims

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